John Brainard - Paris Graffiti

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John Brainard - Paris Graffiti

PARIS GRAFFITI , an exhibition of collage-paintings by JOHN BRAINARD, will be on view April 6th through 30th at Jane Roberts Fine Arts.

Brainard, an American painter who until now has shown primarily in New York, has long been enamored of Paris, and here pays homage with contemporary works inspired by and infused with impressions of and feelings for the city.

The intimately-scaled pieces are a collision of painting, photography, collage and assemblage whose imagery implies but does not define its meaning. Brainard believes a picture should tell a story, but never completely, allowing for each viewer to solve the mystery for themselves. Debris collected from Paris sidewalks and gutters, odd bits of rusty hardware, frayed string, curling wire, fabric and paper scraps combine to animate painted-over photographs taken in Paris – of worn, marked walls and patched plaster, inviting viewers to share a moment … or a thought.