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Guy Reid - Sculptures

Guy Reid is a British artist who was born in Johannesburg in 1963 and grew up in London and Shropshire.

Having completed his first degree in Politics and History at North London Polytechnic he commenced an apprenticeship with the world famous Spink Restoration workshop where Reid began training as a classical carver and restorer, and where he completed work for institutions as varied as the Metropolitan Museum New York, the Getty Museum California, Harewood House and the Sir John Soane Museum London.

As a sculptor working in lime wood, Reid's art is informed by the figure in relation to its spatial, thematic and narrative contexts. His carvings are either painted, partially painted or left in the natural wood. Whilst studying for his MA in Theology at King's College London in 1995, Reid undertook a thesis on the relationship between revelation and art. The philosophical debate surrounding this subject has been a significant influence on his work and he has since lectured on the subject. Reid is fascinated by Christian religious narrative and symbolism. Whilst deeply suspicious of religion and its dangers, Reid feels that religion remains (at a profoundly subconscious level) something human beings search for, are intrigued by and engaged with both positively and negatively.

Reid's reputation was established in the 1990s, with his first Solo Show in the summer of 1999 receiving strong reviews. Other exhibitions followed in London, Manchester, Yorkshire, Birmingham and Liverpool, and internationally in New York, Toulouse and now Paris. Public commissions include the controversial and much acclaimed nude Madonna and Child at St Matthew's Westminster, a standing figure for Mirfield College, Yorkshire and another for St Editha's Church, Polesworth. On June 4th, this year, his crucifixion, Christus Rex ,will be consecrated at Saint George's church, 7 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris.

Exhibition runs from 7th June to 13th July 2007
From Monday to Friday from 2 to 6PM
Mornings and week-end by appointment