Naftali Rakuzin - The Nature of Still Life

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Naftali Rakuzin - The Nature of Still Life

Born in Moscow in 1948, Naftali Rakuzin, whose father was a celebrated illustrator, studied Fine Arts with Moses Chasanov and then graphics at the Polygraphic Institute of Moscow.

He worked essentially as an illustrator until his departure for Israël in 1974 where he settled in Jerusalem.

In 1980, he won the Feininger Prize and in 1982, came to Paris where he still lives and works.

Among his numerous group and one-man shows since 1975, perhaps le Triomphe du Trompe-l'oeil at the Grand Palais in 1993, Beauty in the book at the Israël Museum in Tel Aviv in 2003 and the most recent Library of the artistat the Pop/Off Art Gallery in Moscow are the most noteworthy.

 Exhibitions runs from 16th November to 21st December 2007
From Monday to Friday from 2 to 6PM - and by appointment