Semaine du dessin

Semaine du dessin

Drawings and Paintings

16th to 20th centuries

Presented by Lutz Riester

7 April - 17 April 2008

Lutz Riester, originally from Switzerland, grew up first in Zurich and then moved to Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. Through his father, the artist Rudolf Riester(1904-1999), Lutz was involved in the art world at a young age but he chose to study Philosophy, Theology and Classics at university. He then moved to London in 1980 where he lived for twenty years and began collecting (and occasionally dealing in) drawings and paintings. When he eventually returned to Freiburg , he stayed in touch with the art market and pursued his love affair with drawings and the study of art history. He has remained a very private dealer in every way but, over the last twenty years, has sold interesting 'and sometimes important) works to institutions including:The Rijksmuseum; Amsterdam; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Art Institute Chicago;The National Gallery of Scotland;The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; The British Museum; Los Angeles County Museum; The Minneapolis Museum of Art; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Pierpont Morgan Library, NY; The National Gallery in Ottawa; As well as several major German Museums etc.
He has always acted more like a connoisseur and collector than a dealer and whatever he handles has to be special and often unusual. This is his first exhibition in Paris.